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Through the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry’s Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR), counselors work with you on your specific job goals.

OVR’s on-the-job training program supports you through your first months of employment. You will be provided with direct access to the skill development resources, training and work experience you need to succeed in the workplace.

The program provides you with direct access to skill development resources, training, work experience, and some financial assistance to ensure that you succeed and that your employer’s needs are met.

Transitioning from School to Work

Through our partnerships with school districts, community providers and employers, OVR’s transition services help students with disabilities obtain the training, work experience, skills and resources they need to succeed in post-secondary education and employment.

Commonwealth Technical Institute & HGAC

Located in Johnstown, the Hiram G. Andrews Center (HGAC), is the world’s first and largest Pennsylvania-operated comprehensive vocational rehabilitation facility offering services such as pre-employment transition, counseling, evaluation, physical maximization, cognitive therapy, assistive technology, and on-site post-secondary education at the Commonwealth Technical Institute (CTI). Six specialized associate degree programs and eight diploma programs are offered at CTI.

While anyone can apply to CTI, students who have disabilities can benefit from HGAC’s comprehensive services.

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