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Starting your journey on the PAsmart career path may seem daunting, but the resources available here will make your journey a breeze. To help increase your abilities and find the PAsmart job for you, check out the wide variety of helpful services and coaching resources below.

Get Hands on Help in Developing Your Resume
Find an in-person or virtual workshop to gain a better understanding of how to develop an informative and professional resume that will get you noticed in a crowd. You’ll receive guidance on the best format for your career interests and information you should include. Workshops also include training on the best way to write your resume for a focused, consistent, and polished document. Resume workshops are scheduled events across Pennsylvania.

Practice Before Your Next Big Interview
Register for PA CareerLink’s® Interview Training Tool, powered by Big Interview. Take advantage of the free interview training to learn valuable techniques and best practices to land your next job. Participate in mock interviews to test your knowledge and build your confidence. Stay at your best by answering randomized interview questions and perfecting thinking on your feet!

Interview & Negotiating Skills

Career Guidance and Tips
The U.S. Department of Labor’s CareerOneStop site provides resources and information on how best to approach a job offer. Get tips and advice on things to consider, questions to ask and how to handle negotiations.

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