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Learn About Yourself and Your Professional Possibilities

PA CareerZone helps you learn about yourself, the employment opportunities that are available to you, and what you can do to prepare for professional success. Have some ideas for your future? Use PA CareerZone tools to compare different options and learn what you need to pursue your goals. Record your progress each time you visit the site and review your previous work to watch your progress as you explore, plan for and pursue a career that reflects your passions, skills and goals.

Find Out Which Occupations are Growing Near You

Want to know what the top occupations are in your community or around the state? The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry gives you access to statewide and county-specific informational posters that include top occupations at various education levels for each of the 12 industry fields in Pennsylvania. Wage and projected occupation openings are also included to help you learn about growing industries.

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